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comunicació digital in collaboration with inte developed the new website Visualkultur, a site with all it content 100% managed by GenB.

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Download Genb extensions for DreamweaverŽ MX
download: GenB Dreamweaver MX extensions change log
v.1.4.1  GenB (international)
new functionalities:

- registries section: new objects to create
pages able to update, insert or eliminate data managed by GenB.

- authentication section: new objects to create
pages able to update, insert or eliminate data managed by GenB.

- authentication section: new objects to allow the construction of lists and detail views with data coming from GenB authentication.

- update of all image related objects in order to contemplate image thumbnail's.
v.1.3.2  GenB (international)
fixed Bugs:

- minor bug fixes.
v.1.3.0  GenB (international)
new features:

- new GenB extensions verison with internal communication with GenBnet. These new GenB Extensions release links internally through the Internet with the contents manager GenBnet. Now GenB Extensions collects all data template information managed by the system, making it easy all visualization template development processes.

- initialization with fixed template and record identifiers: the initializing process of lists and detail views allows you to fix the template and/or record detail identifier. This new functionality makes it easy the results preview, not being necessary the url "idm" (template identifier) or "id" (record identifier) parameters inclusion. This new feature allows you to work with the DreamweaverŽ "Live data view" previewing your development with your real managed contents.

- new fixed fields added in detail and list views: day_ini, day_mod, month_ini, month_mod, year_ini, year_mod.

-new label fields added in search and sort requests: date_ini, date_mod.

fixed Bugs:

- bug correction in the identification of "Order list parameter:" object .
v.1.2.3  GenB (international)
- added new module "authentication" destined to build restricted/protected web areas.
- bug correction in object "Registries: Initialize list".
- user interface improvement: auto fill up of the "uid" value in the extensions parameter-forms used
throughout the integration process.
- error detection improvement: new field validation/control in the extensions parameter-forms.
v.1.2.2  GenB (international)
-consolidation of uid declaration when using multiple dynamic functionalities in the same page.
-better Server Behaviour recognition in initialization module objects.
-bug correction in object "Registries: Link to detail page".
-new shared object "Skip State of record/s" (object used in lists or detail views to don not skip records with state set to pending or retired).
v.1.2.1  GenB (international)
-first international release in english language.
-added news module.
-added registries module.
-added objects to assist the incorporation of sorting parameters in lists.
-added objects to assist the field validation (conditionals).
v.1.1.0  GenB (spanish)
-release in spanish language.
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