Genb web content management system for use with MacromediaŽ DreamweaverŽ
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CMS suffers from a serious
catch-22: if it includes enough extra features to satisfy every likely customer, it becomes impossibly hard to use"
(Fredric Paul, PC World).

as opposed to most current content management systems, GenB is a light-weight content solution. There is no learning curve and you don't need to install any software.
rapid deployment
because GenB is entirely web-based, it's ready to use as soon as you've signed up, without any lengthy installation process.
save money with genb
because GenB is a hosted service, it eliminates the cost of maintaining hardware and software and minimises the demands on in-house technical and support staff. Pay on a monthly basis without any compromise.
Download Genb extensions for DreamweaverŽ MX
User advantages
save time and money
make updates anytime, anywhere
manage contents with a simple browser
manage multilingual contents
content management intranet in different languages
WebDeveloper advantages
the GenB integration is oriented to "zero programming"
there is no imposition in the disposition nor aspect of the contents
available GenB reseller profile
you can expand the GenB Extensions functionalities with PHP

the GenB integration is oriented to "zero programming"
one of the main purposes of GenB is to provide the integration of the contents manager throughout the creative process. GenB integration is therefore intended to achieve "zero programation" development in which the creative html setup team itself can develop the contents models in "WYSIWYG" visual form.

GenB DreamweaverŽ extensions
in order to make easy the integration, GenB uses the DreamweaverŽ MX expansion capacity providing specific extensions to make all integration tasks within the visual design view of DreamweaverŽ.

DreamweaverŽ workspace with GenB extensions
building a list

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