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Legal notices
Access to the "Inte" site and the information contained within it about products and services is subject to the acceptance of the conditions set out in this legal notice. We therefore recommend that you read this notice carefully if you wish to access the "Inte" site and use the information and services offered there.

Accuracy of information

The information contained in these pages is accurate at the time of the last update.

The present conditions are accurate from the time of the last update. "Inte" reserves the right to modify these conditions at any time, in which case the new conditions will come into effect from the date of their publication and will be applicable to all users of the site from that date.

The contents of this site, in particular the information and advertising, are not binding, unless otherwise indicated. "Inte" reserves the right to modify or delete, either partially or totally, the current contents of this "Inte" site when considers appropriate, as well as prevent or restrict access either temporarily or permanently.

Privacy policy and data protection

"Inte" complies fully with the current legislation for the protection of personal data, and the requirement for confidentiality for content management services.

"Inte" has adopted the necessary technical measures to ensure the required level of security, according to the nature and circumstances of the personal data being processed, in order to avoid its alteration, loss, unauthorised access or processing, as far as possible and according to the techniques employed.

Where personal data is required when filling in a form, the client or user will be informed of the recipient and purpose of the information, the identity and address of the individual or company responsible for the file and the right of the user to access, rectify, cancel or object to the processing of their data. Personal data will only be processed and/or released for the purpose expressed, and then only with the permission of the user or client.

In order to keep our database up to date and to ensure that it does not contain errors, we request that our clients and users inform us as soon as possible of any modification or rectification to their personal data which may be necessary.

Some of the pages of the "Inte" site contain cookies, which are small data files generated in the computer of the user or client which enable the system to remember the language and site, as well as other characteristics and navigation preferences chosen by the user during their first visit. These cookies are not invasive, nor do they carry virus or personal data, and their only function is to personalise navigation according to the choices made previously by the user. If you wish, you can deactivate and/or eliminate cookies by following the instructions which appear in our Security Recommendations .

Intellectual and Industrial Property

The "Inte" site, the pages which comprise it and the information and elements contained within it include text, documents, photographs, drawings, other graphic representations, data bases and computer programs as well as logos, brands, commercial names and other distinctive signs, protected by the rights of intellectual and industrial property, of which "Inte" or other companies in the Group are holders or legal licensees.

"Inte" does not guarantee the lawfulness and legality of the information or other elements contained within the pages of the "Inte" site where they do not correspond to "Inte" or the other companies on the Group.

Permitted and Prohibited Uses

Any method of exploitation of the data, including any kind of reproduction, distribution, cession to third parties, public communication or transformation using any kind of support or medium of the abovementioned works, creations and distinctive signs is prohibited without the express previous authorization of the respective owners. Non-adherence to this rule constitutes an offence punishable by law.

However, at their own risk, the user may download or make copies of those elements exclusively for their own personal use, as long as this does not infringe any of the rights of intellectual or industrial property of "Inte". In particular, they may not be altered, modified or removed, either totally or partially. Under no circumstances will this signify authorisation or licensing of the property rights held by "Inte" or the other companies on the Group.

Except where expressly authorised by "Inte", it is prohibited to create links or hyperlinks between the portals or web pages of third parties and the web pages of "Inte", which are different from the homepage of the site at URL: , or that which may replace it in the future, as is the presentation of the web pages of "Inte" or the information contained within them using the frames, distinctive signs, brands, commercial or company names of other individuals, companies or organizations.


"Inte" does not guarantee either the access to or the correct visualisation, download or use of the elements and information contained within the "Inte" site, which may be affected or experience difficulties as a result of factors outside its control.

"Inte" is not responsible for the information and other content within the spaces or web pages of third parties, accessible from the "Inte" site via links or hyperlinks, nor any information or other content in the spaces or web pages of third parties, from which the "Inte" site or any of its web pages is accessed via links or hyperlinks, nor the information and content of any other web page pertaining to third parties which is presented in the image or using the distinctive signs of "Inte", except where express permission has been previously obtained from "Inte".

"Inte" takes no responsibility for the information, content of any type, products and services offered or supplied through the "Inte" site by third party individuals or companies, even where they belong to the same economic Group, and in particular it takes no responsibility for damage of any kind linked to the above which may occur as a result of: (i) the absence or deficiency of information provided to users, or in its truthfulness, accuracy or quantity; (ii) non-fulfillment or defective or late fulfillment of pre-contractual or contractual agreements; (iii) non-fulfillment of the obligations of the suppliers of the service to the information company; (iv) infringement of the rights of consumers and users; (v) infringement of intellectual or industrial property rights; carrying out acts of disloyal competition or unauthorized publicity; (vi) infringement of the data protection law, the professional secrets act or the rights to honour, personal and family privacy and personal image, and (vii) the general non-fulfillment of any law, custom or code of conduct which may apply.

Neither does "Inte" take any responsibility for damage, losses, claims or expenses arising from: (i) interference, interruptions, faults, omissions, telephone faults, delays, blocking, or disconnections in the functioning of the electronic system caused by deficiencies, overload or errors in the telecommunications lines and network, or for any other reason outside the control of "Inte"; (ii) illegal intermissions using malign programs of any kind and via any means of communication, such as computer or any other virus; (iii) improper or inadequate use of the "Inte" web pages; (v) security or navigation errors produced by malfunction of the navigator or by the use of out of date versions of the navigator.

Legal notice
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