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showroom: movies flash
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setting up a DreamweaverŽ site to work with GenB
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GenBdemo News:
in GenB, the "data template" defines the form to be used to enter the contents. This movie explain how to define the online demo - news data template.
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GenBdemo News:
how to use GenBnet to insert content to our online demo - news
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GenBdemo News:
construction process of online demo - news using DreamweaverŽ
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registries module:
introduction to the management of the online subscription shown in the online demo - registries
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showroom: screenshots
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example of a customized center page of genbnet content management.
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navigation throughout the manager is very simple. In general, a list is accessible from the center page and from the list to the detail view or modification form.
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example of the center page of genbnet content management for a user with an editor profile.
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example of the center page of genbnet content management for a user with an administrator profile.
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this same showroom page during DreamweaverŽ construction process.
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the "DreamweaverŽ GenB Extensions" translation system translates the code generated by the various GenB objects, facilitating the developer's manipulation of these blocks in applying styles and graphic adaptation of the template.

online demo
the best way to find out about the power and ease of use of GenB is to experience the software yourself.

this demo has a public web area with some basic managed contents, and its corresponding administration intranet GenBnet.

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