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comunicació digital in collaboration with inte developed the new website Visualkultur, a site with all it content 100% managed by GenB.

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GenBnet content management intranet change log
v.1.3.7  GenB net Content manager
- added: new "color" format for "short text" fields. Content manager facilitates for color fields a floating picker that can be fully customized.
- added: the XML format in list export feature. With this export format, you can perform a search and export the resulting records in XML format. You can modify the XML file (for example translating or doing a massive string replacement) and then update the content importing this resulting XML file.
v.1.3.6  GenB net Content manager
- added: related registries preview using the right button of mouse
- added: module tracking and alert. This module lets define the conditions that system will use as a trigger in order to activate the tracking and alert when managed records changes.
v.1.3.5  GenB net Content manager
- added: related fields with format: multiple options
- improved: ajax help search engine in related fields with extensive options.
v.1.3.4  GenB net Content manager
- improved: related fields can be visualized in adminitration listings.
- added: new format "date" for "short text" fields. Content manager displays a floating calendar next to the input fields.
- added: new format "list of dates" for "text" fields. Content manager displays a floating calendar to make easy the introduction of multiple dates.
v.1.3.3  GenB net Content manager
- added: the "Newsletter" module incorporates functionalities of "tracking". The tracking system allows you to obtain audience reports with "opens", "sents", "link clicks", ...
v.1.3.2  GenB net Content manager
- updated: WYSIWYG html editor with two new pressets: simple and extended, with speed improvements, and better compatibility with xhtml standars.

- added: contents management now in utf-8, allowing you to work with almost any extended charset language.

- added: new template parametters in template modeling. Better look and feel control of listings and forms in your contents management area.
v.1.3.1  GenB net Content manager
- added: update simultaneous registries in records lists: modify state or delete groups of selected registires.
- added: "preview" links in record modification form.
- improved: more detailed interface messages with references to the exact template name the user is managing.
- added: now it is possible to add a blank space between templates in your central genbnet area. (define a data template and fill up only its name with the string "separator").
- improved: now it is possible to preview content on the web when record state is non-published.
- added: users with edit and remove privileges for all records of a template, now have the option to change the "owned by" attribute while editing a record.
v.1.3.0  GenB net Content manager
- added: more control options for image and document types during the data-template design process. Some of the new options are: image thumbnail creation; image size and dimensions contro; file format transformation, ...

- added: html-editor. New option "button" Strip all HTML formatting.

- added: GenBnet forgotten password process.
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