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export of data and structure

the export of data and/or structure allows backup copies to be made, obtain contents for later translation, or even transfer information between different web sites managed by GenB.

the export of data and structure is done in XML language, which enables an exact description of the information.

exported XML-format files can be manipulated (retaining the structure) and later be incorporated into the system by importing.

    GenB enables export of data and/or estructure of information in XML format in the following modules:
  • News.
  • Registries.
  • Newsletters.
  • Generics.
  • Authentication.
  • Products.

to access the export form from the "center" page of the contents manager, click on the link " XML import/export " in the "Administration" zone.

import/export form:

options available

the following options are available in the export form:

-. organization selector : is the first drop-down list that appears in the form. The organization selector indicates the origin of the data to be exported.. If you have the "Agency" profile, you can choose from among the various organizations/companies/sites that you administer as an "Agency".

-. module selection list : list of modules available for export. Select one or several, depending on the contents that you wish to export.

-. language selection list : list of languages in which the content are managed. Select one or several, depending on the purpose of exporting.

-. data/structure selector : selector for choosing the kind of export. data exports exclusively contents. structure exports exclusively the detailed description of data templates.

-. download option: select this option if you wish to get the contents of a file. If the download option is not marked, the system will present the information in navigator window itself (navigators with interpretation of XSL description files present the information for viewing in an organized way).

-. Fields type: list of field types from of which you wish to export contents.

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