How to build a form to insert data. modify data or eliminate GenB managed data.
How to show values from closed lists.
add, insert, modify, delete eliminate or remove records from the web site." />

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 "registries" module: insert, modify, remove records records - data sending form
 "registries" module: insert, modify, remove records - reply page to data sent
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"registries" module: insert, modify, remove records records - data sending form

the "registries" module apart from the common functions contruction of lists and detail views provides the possiblity of inserting records from the web site.

the steps in creating a form for sending record data is described below. To complete the process, the steps in creating a reply and e-mail notification page are described in the following chapters.

the steps

0.0.- in DreamweaverŽ, open a PHP_GenB dynamic page and go to the "Registries" objects palette 1.0.- click on the item: "Registries: Form".

1.1.- enter the parameter requested by "Registries: Form": "File name form answer" name and path (relative to or from the root) of the file that is to be the results page.. Choose a name or file with a ".php" extension since the results page requires it to be PHP GenB.

2.0.- [optional] insert hidden field "Registries: Unsubscribe hidden field": This option tells the system that it should proceed to delete record data linked by an "email"-type field. The forms for removing records (e.g., subscription cancellation) must always contain an "Email"-type field (field that must have the "e-mail"option marked in the data template).

3.0.- insert the various fields following the diagram pre-defined by the data template. All the fields have a common format (can be entered with the help of the "Forms" objects palette provided by DreamweaverŽ) except "closed lists" treatment of which was explained in Steps 4, 5 and 6.

form fields take the name ("name" attribute) from the label name designated by the data template.

NOTE: the set field in all records (normally designated by "Internal name" can be employed using the name "internal_ref". If you do not use "internal_ref" in the input form, the system will assign the IP address of the user that sends the data.

NOTE: the forms can incluye file-type fields. mime types and maximum size permited are:

image: (max 256Kb)




documento (max 512Kb) -'video/x-msvideo',













4.0.- to insert the various "closed list"-type input fields, first click on "Registries-type field: Text List radio button" or "Registries: Text List checkbox"

in both cases, the system requests the name of the labelo f the closed-list field.

5.0.- insert the descriptive label that the system will associate with each "checkbox" or "radio button" option. To do this, click on the object "Registries: Field in Text List", and the label name for the closed-field list will be provided.

6.0.- when a closed-list option template is finished, select the elements that make up that option and click on the object "Registries: Repeating area Text List".

the result is a repeating area that the system will use to construct the closed list of input options:

7.0.- insert a "submit" button to send the form with.

when the send data form is finished, the next step is to construct the reply page where you can show the information sent and the necessary parameters for sending notifications by e-mail are provided.

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