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necessary basics concepts

GenB is a WCM web contents manager. It works, roughly, based on input and management of changing contents with the help of a data manager accessible through an "intranet contents management" web interface.

basic concepts involved in using the GenB contents manager are described below..

preview templates "templates"

to present GenB contents on a web site, preview templates have to be created. These are the (lists, detail views, ...) templates PHP_GenB dynamic pages that are created visually as WYSIWYG, with the help of "GenB Extensions for DreamweaverŽ MX".

data templates

in order to present data managed by GenB in "preview templates " there must be a data template that represents the contents.

a data template represents the contents to be managed by segments. This way, each piece or "field" can be treated or shown individually in a "preview template".

in other words, the data template defines the different contents management form fields. Each dataset in a form makes up a "record" and the "preview templates" can be fed with the different records to show lists, detail views and forms to collect and store information from the web site.

detail of a sample data template for representing the contents of a section "Services" in the "web" site:


GenB oganizes contents by records. Each record is based on a "data template" that profiles the type of information that is to be managed.

each "data template" allows data on one or serveral records to be handled:

-. a list in GenB is made from a list of records from a "data template".

-. a detail view is made from a record based on a "data template".

GenB module

GenB is subdivided into modules or sections depending on the treatment and final receiver of the contents.

each of the modules recieves a descriptive name. For example "products", "news", "newsletters",..

the descriptive term associated with each module must be understood as "approximate" given that the applications and treatment possible with many of these modules are very diverse. As an example, this manual uses the "products" module to provide menu construction tools (in this case, the table of contents).

see what modules to choose for a description of the different functionalities of each module.

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