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Installation of the GenB extensions for DreamweaverŽ MX

MacromediaŽ provides the "Extension Manager" application to install and uninstall extensions in DreamweaverŽ MX.

"Extension Manager" can be downloaded at

installation requires the latest versión of GenB extensions. GenB extensions can be downloaded at: GenB download zone


1.- decompress the extension file from the download zone (use a "zip" file decompressor). The extensions file must end in .mxp

2.- Start up "Extension Manager".

3.- If GenB is already installed, select the uninstall option to remove the old version.

4.- select the install option from the "Extension Manager" file menu.

5.- locate the "GenB.mxp" extension file.

6.- restart "DreamweaverŽ MX".


1.- start "DreamweaverŽ MX".

2.- select document option "new.." from the "file" menu.

3.- in the options window in the new document, choose category "Dynamic Page" and "PHP GenB" type.

4.- when you open the new PHP_GenB-type document the object palette shows the new sections with "GenB" objects at the end "news", "Polls", "Registries", ...

detail view with some of the sections for "GenB" page setup:

NOTE: to use the extensions correctly, you must configure a work "Site" in DreamweaverŽ and have an Internet connection. (see configuration of DreamweaverŽ MX)

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